Covid Creates Opportunities for Legal Sales Execs to Relocate: Non-Compete Agreements Invalidated?

Legal Tech Talent Network

We have endured seemingly endless changes to our professional lives this year, and not to be overlooked are the many new opportunities for territory sales reps to work remotely from locations outside their originally assigned geographic area of focus. From a Jobseeker standpoint, employers that were formerly opposed to remote workers have all but given up on their “office hour” requirements for sales team members and will now allow them to work from wherever they want. Additionally, many employers have come to the realization that their remote sales team members can successfully sell to any region from any location which has caused a huge shift in job descriptions.

People are relocating across the country, moving out of big cities: Nearly 70% of workers were doing their jobs from home as over 15 million Americans moved by mid-October of this year. 1

What does this mean to those seeking new opportunities…

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